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Contact our team for a quote if your team is security conscious, care about your IT Manager’s ability to sleep, like to save your organization money, need the peace of mind that you can Trust Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Resources to protect your organizations sensitive informaiton.

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We Develop, Deliver and Support Cloud Solutions and Services that will Transform Your Organization Quickly, Securely, and Efficiently.

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New to the Tech Scene in 2022, Our partners have over 50 years of combined work experience developing technologies and solutions at scale across industries.  As a trusted certified solution provider, we partner with our clients to provide a roadmap, implementation and post-deployment support strategy that quantifies and qualifies your organization’s results.

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As Industry Leading Technologists, the Geekley team has developed solutions for some of the largest projects in Private Industry.

It’s time to Quantify the Value of Implementing New Features vs the Cost of Status Quo. The Solutions We Design Are Specific to Your Organizations Use Cases, accompanied by an Implementation Plan, Cost for Implementation, and Forecasted Savings.

Email Migrations

We Have Team Members with Over 30 Years of Individual Experience Migrating Email Services from Provider to Provider help me I’m stuck in a can

IT Consulting Services

Our Team of Professionals Ensure White Glove Delivery for All Projects We Work On, Learn More About IT Services Our Team Members Provide.


What’s Your Use Case? The Cloud Revolution is Here and Geekley, is Leading the Way. blank text blank textblank textblank textblank text

Migration Services

Our Team Members Have Over 90 Years of Combined Experience Migrating Organizations from Platform to Platform. Migration Servicesank

What’s so great about cloud?

We’re leading the way for organizations to quickly and securely migrate cloud service providers.

Cloud computing enables Business and IT Managers to take advantage of powerful tools needed to run your IT Infrastructure, but without the headache and hassle of having to own and maintain On-Premise computing resources. With Cloud computing you can experience the joys of your favorite applications and services from whereever you are, without having to pay the exorbitant costs of physically acquiring hardware resources, configuring the hardware (there is a lot of work to be done to set the server up such as: installing software, drivers, and security packages, creating secure endpoints, creating storage locations, retention policies, the people that have to babysit the hardware, the list goes on and on and on and on… With cloud you get all of hardware resources you need to operate your business without the headaches of owing the hardware.

Geekley Partners

Geekley’s team of partners have over 50 years of combined IT Experience. We specialize in delivering great experiences, keeping costs down, and supporting your organization’s vision and strategy.

CIntoDataSee Tomorrow, Today.
Gain Valuable Insights from your Organizations Information. CIntoData is a Cloud Solutions Provider that specializes in Data Analytics Executive Services and Advisement.
Migr8TeWe Heard You're Moving!
Migr8Te is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider that specializes in Email and Platform Migration Services and Support. We’re Disabled Veteran Owned and Proud Partners of the Geekely Corporation.
CByThisWhat a beautiful day in the Cloud.
Minority Woman Owned and Operated, CByThis is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider that specialize in Email Migration Services and Support.
MicrosoftBuilt on Trust
Microsoft solutions are solutions you can trust. We are Microsoft Certified Service Provideers.


Health Check

We can perform diagnostics on your environment and provide you with a Health Check report. The Health Check report provides valuable insights for IT and Business Managers on improvements that need to be implemented to adhere to best practices.

Connecting the World through Cloud

We’re here to connect you, support your vision, and ensure your Migration to Office 365 and Azure is scaled to the size of your organization’s needs. Our team of Cloud Solutions Providers ensure that all clients are satisfied with the solutions we agree upon, the timelines for implementation, along with the services and support we deliver.