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  • Clear identification of project scope.

  • Identification of Roles and Responsibilities – RACI

  • Expectations and outcomes documented in writing before project commencement.

  • Project Plan with project resources and timelines, identifying who does what, and when.
  • Testing, training, change management and postproduction support plan.

  • Forecast cost savings using comparative analysis for like and kind technologies.

  • Long-term implementation and product support.
  • Enthusiastic to service your organization’s needs.

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Virtual machines are segmented computing resources that have special software called a hypervisor that separates the hardware layer from the software layer resources. There are several benefits of running VMs, such as a setting up a low bandwidth environment for testing or development work, however, the real value add is in the extra layers of security achieved by separating the physical hardware resources from the OS. Applications running on VMs achieve additional layers of nesting to thwart would be data thieves. Being that the VMs software is partitioned from hardware, they are incredibly difficult resources to hack as the OS interactions with hypervisor instead of hardware resources. The segmentation between the hardware and OS make it possible to bury information like the IP addresses, create a secure environment for your BIZTalk and SQL storage,

Find out more ways to use VMs to secure your sensitive information. Your organization will need a Cloud Solution specialist to provision resources, license, and migrate your email services to Azure. Schedule a free consultation with a Migrt8Te solutions expert today. We will assess your organizations needs and provide you with an implementation roadmap and strategy. We have over 30 years of experience implementing migration solutions that will save your organization time and money while giving your business a polished and professional look and feel.