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  • Clear identification of project scope.

  • Identification of Roles and Responsibilities – RACI

  • Expectations and outcomes documented in writing before project commencement.

  • Project Plan with project resources and timelines, identifying who does what, and when.
  • Testing, training, change management and postproduction support plan.

  • Forecast cost savings using comparative analysis for like and kind technologies.

  • Long-term implementation and product support.
  • Enthusiastic to service your organization’s needs.

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Zimbra’s opensource platform is a solid framework that comprises of email and business productivity enhancement & communication tools. The Zimbra platform offers email services, chat messenger service, document/text editor, portability of a cloud drive for document storage, mobile sync (Exchange ActiveSync) and security services such as Multi-Factor Authentication, password reset management, etc. While Zimbra makes a great product it has fewer features than the Office 365 platform. Office 365 includes collaboration tools like Teams Out of the box. As soon as you’ve registered your licenses, your team will be ready to send emails, chat on skype, create beautiful reports and presentations with Excel and PowerPoint, and collaborate with their team members and clients with video conferencing built into Teams. Microsoft Office 365 enables team members to stay on the go with OneDrive. The perfect companion for any team that’s working remote or with remote clients. OneDrive makes it incredibly to create files and folders, and control who can access your content.

When you evaluate the benefits of cloud services and cloud solutions the Microsoft Office 365 and Azure cloud services subscriptions are excellent complimentary tools. Azure Active Directory provides organizations with additional features for securing your environments and protecting your client information. Advanced Active Directory policies allow IT managers to quicky add groups and apply new authentication policies. Active directory currently offers a litany of MFA features that Microsoft will more than likely continue to expand on and improve. Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication features keep your data secure while providing organizations with a variety of different options to authenticate and manage sessions.

While IT managers are falling in love with the security polices and ease of configuring said policies in Azure, business managers are enjoying the relatively low-cost of moving to Azure cloud services. What’s there not to love here? Microsoft and other cloud solutions providers are making it cheaper and easier to access resources that would be considered cost prohibitive were it not for a solutions availability in cloud. A great example of this are the Azure cognitive (AI) resources. Imagine the cost of ordering hardware and software for a couple of nodes that are going to be used to train your neural network. Or you can just run to your nearest Cloud Solution Provider, who can add those resources to your subscription. No waiting for your PO to get approved, no fighting with your IT team to add the work to their backlog. Snap your fingers and you have a whole neural network provisioned and ready to train in a matter of minutes.

While Zimbra is a solid product, the flexibility and security afforded in the Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Cloud Services frameworks are far superior. Reach out to Geekley today, our Cloud Solutions Specialists are looking forward to saving your organization time and money.